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Nihar ANihar A 

Lightning Development in Eclipse

I am using Eclipse for Light component development. Initially I developed in dev console and recently started working in Eclipse.For Some of the components that i developed using dev console.I have not created helper and Renderer and CSS file. When I fetched them into my eclipse, only component and controller code has been fetched which is understandable as I only have that code created. Now when I am looking for an option to create a helper/style for that component but could not find an option to do it directly in eclipse. I could only see new lightning component bundle creation option.
One work around might be to go back to dev console, create helper/style and then fetch it to eclipse. I want to know if there is an option to directly create that in eclipse.

James LoghryJames Loghry
I'm guesing there is.  However, there definitely is the ability to do this within MavensMate. 
Priti jaiswal 8Priti jaiswal 8
Unfortunately there is no way to add controller, helper or CSS to the existing components that were created using develper console. The only way is create your controller, helper or CSS from develper console and and then refresh your component in eclipse.
Eclipse automatically adds controller, helper or CSS to a component when your create it using eclipse.