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The Opportunity Validation Rule with related quote

The requirement is that I am able to see the Opportunity Amount populated with the roll-up amount from Opportunity Line Items and the original Estimated Amount value cannot be modified when a quote exists so that I can manage my pipeline. My question is how would I create a Opportunity validation rule with related quote? An example would be great!
Arvind KumarArvind Kumar

Hi Bzain,

Follow the below steps.
1.) Firstly create roll up summary field (Field name: Number_of_Quotes__c ) on Opportunity Object. It field will show that how many Quote is related to Opportunity.
2.) After that make validation rule on Opportunity Object.

 Use Formula:      AND( ISCHANGED( ExpectedRevenue ), Number_of_Quotes__c > 0)

3.) Write error message for validation rule.

Test for your opportunity. It would be helpful for you.

Arvind Kumar