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Diego GuevaraDiego Guevara 

can i do this?

Can i reRender the operation into a Field? Like this

<strong>$</strong> <apex:outputText value="{0, number, ####,###.00}">
<apex:param value="{!total + total*Cotizaci_n__c.Porcentaje_de_utilidad__c/100}"/>
               <apex:actionSupport reRender="{!Cotizaci_n__c.Gran_Total__c}"/> 
Are you trying to update the contents of a field via a rerender operation? That's not how it works. A rerender refers to a section of the page based on it's id.  If you update the contents of the field in your controller and then rerender the section of the page containing the field, then any references to that field will have the new value once rendered.
Diego GuevaraDiego Guevara
Hey Bob!

Yes, im trying to give the value of that operation into that field of that object. Please, You know hot to do that?? Is Very important!!