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Can't create a Roll-Up Summary field in the Build a Lemonade Stand App Trailhead

For some reason I'm not able to create a Roll-Up Summary field n the Build a Lemonade Stand.  It's not even an option and scrolling over the help text, it says "You cannot create this type of field on this object because it is not the master in a master-detail relationship."  Not sure how this can be fixed?
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Worked like a charm.  Must have missed that. :) Thank you!

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Nithesh NNithesh N
Have you finished these Steps in Thrid Module ?
  • While still on the Drink Order custom object page, scroll down to the Custom Fields & Relationships section.
  • Click New.
  • Click Master-Detail Relationship and click Next.
  • Select Fulfillment Queue from the Related To list and click Next.
  • Define the field as follows:
  • Field Label: Fulfillment Queue
  • Field Name: Fulfillment_Queue
  • Leave everything else as is, and click Next, Next, Next, and click Save.
Once you complete these steps, The Object will have a Master-Detail Relationship to the Fulfillment Queue Object. 

Now, Go to the 'Fulfillment Queue' Object and Create the Roll-Up Summary field there as You can only create a Roll-Up Summary field on the Master Side of the Relationship ( Which is Fulfillment Queue in this Case).
Fulfillment Queue  ----->  Drink Order
(Master Object)                (Child Object)

Let me know if it works....
Worked like a charm.  Must have missed that. :) Thank you!
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Nithesh NNithesh N
Glad to Help !
Mike SummittMike Summitt

I have an almost identical problem, except that creating a master-detail relationship is not a viable option in my case (not all records in the table to be summarized are connected to the table where the rollup is desired).


I need to add a rollup field to Zuora's subscription object, based on a custom table that contains a lookup to subscription.  It's giving me this same error message.  I know that it is possible without defining a master-detail, because I've created a rollup summary field in account that refers to opportunity, and there is no master-detail between those two, only a lookup field.