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Dilip KulkarniDilip Kulkarni 

case alert issue


whenever case is opened for account for particular region ( say WEST-WE), only inside rep ( it’s a rep) should get email alert for the concerned case of his account (not for the account for which he is not rep.)

How to do it?
Esther OnemaEsther Onema
Have you considered creating a Workflow rule? It's a super easy way to do automated tasks when certain events, such as the one you described, occur.
1. Create An email template that will be sent to the user 

2. Navigate to Setup > Workflow Rules & Approvals > Workflow rules

 New Rule > Object: Case > Enter the conditions on which  you would like this workflow action to fire  > Add Worflow action: New Email Alert > 
Enter the other required field values as well as the Email template that was required on your behalf in step 1

3. The most important step is to specify the "Recipeint type" as the "Creator"

4. Fill in the rest of the required fields to your choosing and you are finished :)

Please let me know if you encounter any other issues 
Have a great day!
Esther Onema
Dilip KulkarniDilip Kulkarni
Hi Esther,
Thanks for the reply. You mentioned recipeint type should be 'creator (record creator)', but I doubt if the inside rep will be creator. What if case record is created by other person? Could you please clarify.
Esther OnemaEsther Onema
Have you tried creating the workflow rule and browsing the different recipient types that salesforce provides? 
Dilip KulkarniDilip Kulkarni
Yes, I have tried all recepient types. But can't figure out how the particular field (inside rep) will get the mail.