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Esther Thacker 6Esther Thacker 6 

Report to show duplicate leads

I want to run a report that pulls all of the duplicate leads, or leads with the same email specifically (Not just one email that they all share, but will pull leads that have duplicate emails. Maybe even later change it to other duplicate fields such as name, phone number, etc). I saw one person mention that I could create a Bucket field that would separate all the leads by say 'Lead owner' or other such criteria. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for the email field because it's not one of the options. Are there any other ideas that anyone knows of?


Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Esther,

May I request you to please refer the below link for reference. I hope it will be helpful.

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Rahul Kumar
Russell Everett 2Russell Everett 2
I have found the best way to go about this without thinking of paying for other services would be to export your leads, by timeframe created or whatever you are looking for, out of salesforce and into excel then run coniditional formatting on matching email addresses and select to show only those columns that have been affected by the rule (highlights or whatever). Make sure to include the lead ID in the fields that will result in the report.