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Allen EdwardsAllen Edwards 

Unknown Exception when running SOQL on External Data Source (oData) that has a composite key (string and date field)

  • Salesforce is consuming an external oData data source where the object referenced has a composite key. The composite key is made up of a string field and a date field.
  • In External sources configuring Salesforce to get data from the external source works fine and so External data source configuration succeeds.
  • When an SOQL is ran in the developer console on the external data objects salesforce returns an error message:
    • [object Object]: An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 822572725-2516 (-1192202427)
    • Image of UnKnown error on running SOQL in Developer console
  • A closer look of the logs shows that an oData URL call was done to retrieve the data and the call in question returned successfully with a status code of 200. Further running the URL in question via Postman returns the valid set of data
Can you please offer some guidance as to where things might be going wrong.