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Radu TapusRadu Tapus 

Connected app external use

We are a company that builds a live chat solution. Recently, we decided to save the conversations into our customer's Salesforce accounts. We did this by implementing a connected app to which our users would login with their Salesforce via oAuth. After we retrieve their access token we start creating in his name an activity for each call.

Is it ok to have this app on a developer edition account?
Should it be published somehow, in the AppExchange or somewhere else?
Will other accounts, rather than development edition ones, be able to log in into it?

Purushotham YellankiPurushotham Yellanki

I don't see any problem having your Connected App being in your Developer Edition Account. In fact it is required for you to have it in your Sandbox for testing purposes and you don't have to publish this on any AppExchange. Also OAuth security is very reliable so there is no chance that accounts getting logged into your Org!