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Karen Brown 39Karen Brown 39 

Locking records so integration doesnt force users to lose changes

We need filemaker to update salesforce on a realtime basis when changes happen to approx 75 fields. We have currently set this up with dataloader on a 15 min schedule.  Firstly we need realtime and 2ndly we have issues currently that mean if a user is sitting in a record whilst dataloader updates it when he user clicks save they loose all their edits and are asked to "re display the record before editing again"

As you can imaging the users are not happy that they keep losing their changes so I am being asked if there is anyway a user can lock a record for editing so the dataloader cannot update it at that time and trys again with the next schdule run?
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Karen,

May I Request you to please refer the below link for reference. I hope it will be helpful.

Best Regards
Rahul Kumar
Karen Brown 39Karen Brown 39
Yes Rahul and if you take a look at the link you will see i have commented on it twice over the past couple of months and still not got a response from salesforce.
Karen Brown 39Karen Brown 39
Still need to find a fix for this, how can we alert users that someone else is in the record? or can we override the edit button to put a flag on the record for other users and override the save button to take the flag off?