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convert text into picklist

How to convert text output into picklist
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 Convert Text value into picklist
Using process builder we can achieve update text values into picklist field
  1. Click on Search for process builder in search box
  2. Click on new add process name and when record is changed
  3. Select account object and start process at when record is created and every time edited and save
  4. Click on add Criteria and add Criteria name, Criteria for execution : condition are met
  5. Select field where your text displaying ([Account].state__c1, ischanged, boolean , true and save
  6. Add immediate action and action type as update records and record type as Select the account record that start process
  7. Criteria for update records is No Criteria –just update records
  8.  Set the Field as your picklist value needed to be updated on output (Account.state), and make sure your Value (Text field from where to copy (Account.State1)) is set to reference and save.
  9. Click on activate process