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Harish Chekurthi 9Harish Chekurthi 9 

Workflow to change the Account Owner to a Territory owner

Hi, I want to create a workflow to change the Account Owner to Territory owner.
Account Owner should be changed to Territory Owner.

I tried to put a work flow that Territory Owner is equal to Account Owner
Could you please help me out?
Shobhit AggarwalShobhit Aggarwal
Hi Harish,
You could accomplish that with a field update Workflow rule that fires when an account is created and if it's part of a specific territory you will hard code the field update to change it to a specific user. This approach works fine but can get a little unwieldy if you have lots of rules for assignment since the ID you change to has to be hard coded. That means if you had 50 different territories with 50 different owners you would need 50 separate rules. You can make the assignment dynamic using a trigger
Harish Chekurthi 9Harish Chekurthi 9
Hi Shobhit, Could you please help me out how to write that trigger?