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Alex LamoraAlex Lamora 


I am about to begin working on an API between SFDC(CRM) and KIPU(EMR) 
KIPU's API only allows for POST and GET, so everything I do will need to be within Salesforce.
I want all client information to POST to a new file in KIPU when stage changes to Admit. Thats fine and dandy, but I want to have custom fields/stages in SF update when the client admits and discharges in KIPU.
What would be the best way to go about automating GET from Kipu.
*side note* it could be weeks in between when a client admits and discharges.

Thank You
Hi Alex,

You'll be needing to setup an interval polling system on the Salesforce side that asks for changes made on the KIPU side.  It's a straight forward idea that can get complex when dealing with an unknown # records updated on KIPU, so you end up writing batch classes to handle the remining callouts.  Intervals are up to you, longer like 1 hour is good for most data.  Faster like 5-10 minutes are for situations where you need to react in Salesforce.  Then you could also put a button on screen for the account/contact etc that does an immediate update.

There are other options out there that you might want to be aware of.. small world but there are pre-built KIPU to Salesforce integrations.  PM me and we could chat more.
Scheduled Apex job that schedules itself at the end of processing, that a way to acheive polling.  Batch job that schedules a batch at the end as well helps with a hierarchy of callouts.
Navneet Gupta 12Navneet Gupta 12
Hi Mike,
I am also looking at integrating KIPU with Saleforce. what is the pre-built KIPU to Salesforce Ingration.
Brian Cappy 3Brian Cappy 3
Hi, Mike and Navneet - were you ever able to connect to learn more about the pre built integration? Thanks