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Jay KanchanaJay Kanchana 

download multiple content files


Users currently can download single content file in our application. We have href links for users to click to download individual files.

I have added checkbox in front of the content listing, for users to select the contents to bulk download. I am receiveing the list of Content Ids in the apex controller.

how can all the selected files be downloaded via apex?

Anil Kumar TilantheAnil Kumar Tilanthe
You can download them like this in a Zip:-
window.open('/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/download/'+ contentVersionIds.join('/') + '?');
from http://cropredysfdc.com/2016/03/16/download-multiple-contentversion-files-as-zip/
Anil Kumar TilantheAnil Kumar Tilanthe

Hello Jay,

Did you find/implement some other solution to this ?

Could you please share it! 

I am also trying to do the same. However, I am unable to rename the "zip" downloaded. I need to rename it.