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Philipp MathisPhilipp Mathis 

how to write "new task button", what's the "funcion code of the "new task" button

Hello Community

Im trying to add "new task" button at the very top in the lead list view page. But this button is non existing within the buttons of the lead section. So I think I need to create first this button and then later add it to the list view layout. But how can I creat a "new task" button. What kind of function do i need to put in here:

User-added image

basically I would be already fine with the standard new task button functionality(as seen on the opportunitiy page level for example). If possible pre-assigned "the assigend to" value to the same value as the lead owner. So in the end I'd like to add the same single task to multiple checked leads(with different owners) and multiple assignements (assignement equals lead owner) from the lead list view. best case it automatically assigned the task to the lead owner. if not possible, I would be still satisfied to have just an add new task button and would then only select leads from same owner and add the task.

many thanks.