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Paulien van der KriftPaulien van der Krift 

How can I send the Google Analytics User ID to fields in Salesforce with the use of utm tags?

Hi everyone. I am aware that Salesforce entails a standard set of fields that can be filled by using UTM tags. For clients, I would like to activate the tracking of random User IDs in Google Analytics and then send these IDs to a field in Salesforce when they submit a form. Among the standard fields of utm source or medium, I would like to add a field that then shows the User ID that the visitor was assigned by Google Analytics. 

Does anyone have experience with this and have a simple stepwise plan I could follow to achieve this? (So far, manuals I did find either did not focus on User IDs or were too incomprehensible for me). Thanks!

(As a next step, I would also like to know how to achieve this with other Google Analytics data, such as client ID, operating system, landing page and whatnot. It's not a priority yet, but if there's like a standard way to construct these fields in Salesforce, feel free to share!)
Manohar SF.ax1874Manohar SF.ax1874
Hi Paulien, I see that you have similar ask and seems like you are in similar boat as I m now. Wondering what was the solution you figured back then? can you share your solution?

David CDavid C
I think what you're looking for is the Client ID which is a random id Google Analytics sets on your visitors browser to identify them. You can follow this guide to integrate Salesforce with Google Analytics (https://attribut.io/blog/2018/11/21/the-ultimate-guide-to-measure-roi-on-your-direct-marketing-efforts-with-salesforce-and-google-analytics-1/)