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Ravindar AdminRavindar Admin 

How to use user's custom field value or current user record value from parent(i.e: custom-obj) (single user having single record) in report filter?

I am creating a report on Object1__c. I have more than 3 users in my account.
When I create a report, I am trying to filter with the value of current user's custom field value.
User is the parent to Object1__c & also Object2__c.
I am planning to update current user custom field (project name) from object__2(which is the parent of object1__c). In object2__c sig1e user having a single record only.
How use current user custom field value in Object1__c filter from object2__c or from user.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ravindar,

You can use process builder to update parent object's custom field (user) from its child object (object2__c). And, to create a report, you can create a report using report type to add user object with object1 and object2. If you want only object1 then you can use users with object1__c, you can see all fields for filter and column here of user and object1 also.

For more information may I suggest you please check with below link which might help.

Hope this helps.

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