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Guys please look into this.
I have custom objects named Purchase order(PO) and Expenditures.Expenditure has a lookup to PO. When ever a PO status is 'completed' we can't edit the PO. If we need to edit an existing PO,we need to create another po with in the original or existing PO. So the newly created PO has POCN=1 where as the original po has POCN__c=0.  Every po has its expenditure related list. Now, I need to display the Expenditure list of POCN__c = 0 in POCN__c=1.
Shawn Reichner 29Shawn Reichner 29
You could do this via a embedded Visualforce page into your Page Layout for the child PO record.  You can place this right above the related lists so that is is functionally in the correct place.  I have done this to show all contacts for accounts when parent child accoutns are used.