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Collen Mayer 6Collen Mayer 6 

Using Map in VisualForce page

Hi All,
I've got a map in my controller that is populating fine:
public Map <id,List<Client_Billing__c>> mapCaseToBilling {get;set;}
However, I'm having trouble with my visualforce page nested repeat loops.  I'm getting inside the first one but not the second.  I'm sure I'm using the wrong syntax somehow.  Any help is appreciated:
<apex:page StandardController="AECaseMgmt__Program_Case__c" extensions="Invoice" >
    <apex:repeat value="{!MapCasetoBilling}" var="Key">
        This will print:{!Key}
        <apex:repeat value="{!MapCasetoBilling[Key]}" var="BillingItem">
            This line will not print.
            <apex:outputField value="BillingItem.Name"/>