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Nertin HoxhaNertin Hoxha 

Correct Record Types available to users

Hello everybody, 

I've got some redundancies on my business process want to estinguish. 

Depending on a specific record type of a custom object called 'Type of Service', when the users create a new Opportunity from the related list , i want them te be able to select only two of the Record Types of the Opportunity correlated to the above object.

I was thinking to use a process builder otherwise Visualforce but don't know which is the best practice to actuate this scenario.

I would appreciate suggestions. 
Shruti SShruti S
The best way to achieve this would be to override the existing 'New' button in the Opportunity related list. In the new button you can override it to a new Visualforce page containing the Record Type picklist, which would look exactly like the existing UI of the record type selection page. In the new Visualforce page you can limit the record types displayed there.