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Ryan TrevoltRyan Trevolt 

Trailhead Error on Custom Fields for Lemonade Stand project

I'm receiving the below error message when I try to verify the module.  Any suggestions on how to get past this are appreciated.
Error Message

This is the field on the Drink Order object showing that it is a number field.
Field Configuration
Ryan TrevoltRyan Trevolt
Went back to this after finishing other modules.  The other modules required me to be in Lightning so when I went back and re-checked this module, it passed.  I changed back to Salesforce Classic and checked the module again and it failed again.  So it appears that it requires Lightning to pass this module.
Jeff DouglasJeff Douglas
You are correct Ryan! We've placed this requirement on the very first page for everyone to see. Thanks

Jeff Douglas
Trailhead Developer Advocate
Ben DanielsBen Daniels
Ryan were you awarded the badge when you passed it in Lightning? I'm stuck on a the data modeling module because I accidentally did a challenge in classic and only got 100/500 points for it. Now it won't give me the badge.