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Thiago PandôThiago Pandô 

App Crashing on IOS 9.3

Hello all,

I'm using Mobile SDK 5.1 with iOS and I'm trying to run it in a device with iOS 9.3.
My app is crashing on device but it works on emulator.

I'm getting this error on xcode:

-> 0x1fe1b08c <+0>: trap
0x1fe1b090 <+4>: nop `

It's just happening in version 9.3 and it works for 10+.

Is anyone else here getting the same error?

I'm using xcode 8.2.1, cordova 6.4.0, iOS 4.3.0 and Salesfroce SDK 5.1.0.
Ravi ChaudharyRavi Chaudhary
Did you get any solution for this? 
Vishal Sharma 61Vishal Sharma 61
i0S version 10 or above is later for mobile SDK see the iOS native requirement here