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Micah PowellMicah Powell 

Possible breaking change to metadata in API v39.0

Hi, I am working on an application built on top of salesforce. We are pulling the metadata in and dynamically rendering the ui based on the metadata. Recently, there was a change to an api field name on a lead listview field. The field name was changed from 'Owner.Alias' to 'Owner.NameOrAlias'. I was wondering if this was possibly a mistake on the part of salesforce during the release of v40.0 of the api or if this is a more common occurance that I will need to account for in the application.


Daniel BallingerDaniel Ballinger

This sort of change is fairly standard with the Salesforce APIs. They are constantly being refined between releases.

Generally, if you keep the API version unchanged the WSDL you pulled down with continue to work.

However, if you change the API version you should expect the WSDL to change.