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Julia ZocoloJulia Zocolo 

Campaigns using iContact in SF

Hello All,

My marketing team has brought up an issue regarding the campaign Statistics. We use iContact with our Campaigns and usually whenever you click on “Update Statistics” button on the Campaigns layout, these update in salesforce. With the last few campaigns, these stats never update and in fact show a loading bar for several hours.
In the iContact’s account, all the stats are available so they are just not syncing with Salesforce. Any ideas on why these stats will not update when they used to just fine?
Thank you,
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karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal
Hello Julia, 

Check the log from your end. if there is no error. create a support ticket with  iContact. since its pricing tool. so they have taken up the controls. normally we are following same method. we are also using  iContact. normally we create a support ticket with them. they will give a call..

hope it will help you.