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Shashank Sharma 4Shashank Sharma 4 

Create task in SF from Marketo webhook using REST API


I'm trying to create a task in SF from Marketo using the REST API. I'm getting the 401 error. Error Message - "HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized access to URL". Basically, I'm sending a request in JSON format and using this endpoint: https://cvent.my.salesforce.com/services/data/v30.0/sobjects/Task

Has anyone faced the same challenge and how did you fix it?

Shashank Sharma
Pradheep KPradheep K
@Shashank: Wondering whether you had any resolution for this. We were in same situation.
Shashank Sharma 4Shashank Sharma 4
Hi Pradheepan,

Yeah, I was able to fix it, actually I was missing the custom header in the webhook. Adding the authorization and content type in the custom header of the webhook request fixed the issue.