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Rogerio Lara 2028Rogerio Lara 2028 

Create questionnaire on opportunity record

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried or heard about creating assessment questions on the opportunity record either as "long" text fields or a related list. The stand field types can only hold a certain number of characters, and need to create a sort of form on the opportunity to help the sales reps position their deals. I've tried surveys and forms, but it's to cumbersome to work with and it doesn't give me the desired look and feel either.
Thank you,
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Rogerio,

Please check the below post for similar issue.

Mark this as solved if it helps.

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Rogerio Lara 2028Rogerio Lara 2028
Hi Nagendra, thank you very much for your response. I realised that what I really need to do is to create a visualforce page with questions and have it  as a Visualforce Page/Component inline on "Edit" page. Also, I need to do the same for 2 other custom objects, and include the related list to the parent object in edit mode. Any ideas how I can get started with this? Any easy visualforce coding I can use?
Thank you much once again. Really appreciated! Rog
Anu BavihalliAnu Bavihalli
Hi Rogerio : I am dealing with same requirement. Did you find solution to this?