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Lana HalapchukLana Halapchuk 

The page jumps when using ui:inputDate for the first time

I am trying to use  ui:inputDate  in our lightning component and noticed quite annoying behaviour of DatePicker. When you first time attempt to use field with ui:inputDate the page jumps. On second attempt, it works perfectly. 
I found the same problem with ui:inputDate when I tried to create New Task in Opportunity.
To reproduce it you need to put a scroll bar at top position on an Opportunity page.
User-added image
After that choose Due Date and the page jumps.
User-added image

Is it a bug?
Did you find a solution to this? We're running into the same issue..
Lana HalapchukLana Halapchuk
Unfortunately, I have not find a solution yet.