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Rogerio Lara 2028Rogerio Lara 2028 

Add a Visualforce Page/Component inline on "Edit" page.

Hi developers out there! I need help please;-)

My manager's requests are coming faster than my time to learn visualforce, and I am slowly making progress (more like a snail).

Well, I've built 2 custom objects that are related to each other (parent and child). I need the existing related list (child) to be added as a component in the Parent object layout, so that when I am editing the parent record page, I will, at the same time, be able to view and edit the child as well.

Parent: Strategic Client Opportunity Plan 
Child: Buying Influence


I would appreciate any guidance that will help me develop this visualforce. I know that is possible, because I have seen it, but I don't where to start. I am stuck. :-(

Thank you,

You cannot add an inline vf page on Edit view of a standard object record. You have to override the complete page with a vf page.
Rogerio Lara 2028Rogerio Lara 2028
Thank you.