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static methods should be called with classname

Hi - If static methods should be called with class name and not with class instance, why does the Apex work book (Page 8 ) gives example to call static method with class instance.

Kindly clarify if my understanding of static methods should be called with class name is correct , and why apexworkbook is contradicting.

hi sujatha ArvindKrishnan
i also review apex cookbook page no 8 and eveything is perfact looks there
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look this here 2 method 1 is static sayYou() and one is non-static method sayMe()
and here is calling method code

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Ref= https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apex_workbook.meta/apex_workbook/apex2_2.htm

here you see
call static method by


call non-staic method by
HelloWorld hw = new HelloWorld();

so here is clear that when call a static method use only className.staticMethod()
and when call a non-static method first create class instance and than call method by instance :)
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Hi -

I get this error, when i try to execute..

HelloWorld hw = new HelloWorld();

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hi ,look into your class in  sayme() method you use static keyword so how can you call a static methd with create class instance so remove static keyword in your sayme() method and save class and call it by create class instance 

as apexwork book class  page no 8 -:
look here there is no static method in HelloWorld class

look here no static keyword use in sayMe() method in apex workbook
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