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Nick KeehanNick Keehan 

Salesforce1 Cache Records Assigned to User rather than accessed records.

Hi Everyone.

According to below, Salesforce1 can cache a users recently accessed records. The issue i have is that i want to cache records assigned to a user rather than accessed ones.
e.g. Assigned to agent in last 2 weeks. Cache these records. 

i had a couple of thoughts,
  1. Have a scheduled apex class that finds records, and updates a checkbox, however im not sure i can "Run as" from apex class.
  2. Have an apex trigger from a new object that an agent can fire from salesforce1 that updates/calls a flow to run an update on all prospects owned by agent less than two weeks old.

Anyone else know how i could achieve this from salesforce1? 

Basically need a way of mass updating record from the running user in salesforce1.