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Sourav PSourav P 

Different language fields to populate on customer email templates

Dear all, Need your help urgently on below issue.
I have an object " Quotation" and we need to send quotation emaail template to Thai and English customers. The need is the picklist values like gender, marital status etc should be in Thai when the email goes to thai customer. It can be detected by the field " Preferred language" with values as " TH" or " EN". From " Translation Workbench" i can change the english picklist values to Thai.
But now the issue is , the users should always see the values in english while inputting. and in our database ( report etc), its always show english, as we need a consistent value ( e.g Male only not the Thai version of Male) its only when the quotation template goes to the customer it will change either to Thai or EN as per their preferred language. So, the Thai version picklist need to get stored somwhere in teh bckend.
If anybody can suggest how can i achieve this ? Thanks
SFDC coderSFDC coder
Hi Sourav,

Maybe you can store the values within a custom setting object and fetch them when trying send the template to a thai customer?

SFDC coder
Sourav PSourav P
Hi, Thnx , let me try that if possible.
SFDC coderSFDC coder

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