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process builder need to work only when my condition mets not everytime

HI everyone,

I created a process builder with 'conditions met' on campaign member as below
 when( campaignmember.name = ‘Live campaign’ AND campaignmember.Status = ‘signed')
 -with condition 'when a record is created or edited’ and created an action to send some message to other non salesforce system using apex class.
-Now the problem is every time it was sending the message when we edit and update some thing on campaign member.
-But i just wanted to send my message only once when the condition mets not everytime.
-if i select my condition as 'only when a record is created’,and condition doesn’t mets while creating record,and mets when its updated,its failed to send message again.
-for example while creating the campaign member record, if my picklist value(Status = ’some other value') not ’signed',am failed to send message.
-And mets when it sets (Status = 'signed’) failed to send message.

Please help me out to resolve it, this is something urgent which i have to finish assignment.
               ISPICKVAL([CampaignMember].Campaign.Status, "Signed"),
              [CampaignMember].Campaign.Name  = "Live campaign"
              ISPICKVAL([CampaignMember].Campaign.Status, "Signed"),
              [CampaignMember].Campaign.Name  = "Live campaign",
              NOT(PRIORVALUE([CampaignMember].Campaign.Name ) ="Live campaign"),
              NOT(ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE([CampaignMember].Campaign.Status), "Signed"))

Thanks in advance!
Please select below condition in entry criteria
Do you want to execute the actions only when specified changes are made to the record?
Nayana KNayana K

Seems like you are looking for 'created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria' evaluation criteria. Go through above link and check on #2 of answer.
buggs sfdcbuggs sfdc
hi sivainkec,

Thats my criteria and wants call an apex class once the condition satisfies,but some how the condition doesnt works as expected?
buggs sfdcbuggs sfdc

I created PB with the above condition,but its firing for when record is created and updated on campaignmember,i need to fire only once when its created or updated not everytime,any suggestions please help me to reolve it.
You can create a checkbox field and place that field in process builder criteria to fire only when it is false. When your processbuilder meets the criteria update the checkbox field to true. So that you can excute process builder only once.