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Test.getStandardPricebookId() broke overnight?

private class TestInvoicepdfclass {
    static testmethod  void testpdfbutton (){
Pricebook2 pb = new Pricebook2(Name = 'Standard Price Book 2009', Description = 'Price Book 2009 Products', IsActive = true );
  insert pb;
Product2 prod = new Product2(Name = 'SLA: Bronze', IsActive = true);
  insert prod;
PricebookEntry pbe=new PricebookEntry(unitprice=0.01,Product2Id=prod.Id, Pricebook2Id=Test.getStandardPricebookId() , IsActive= true); 
  insert pbe;      
        Account acc = new Account (name='Acme');
        insert acc;
        Opportunity opp= new Opportunity ();
        Opportunity opp2= new Opportunity ();
        opp.name= 'Testopp';
        Opp.Accountid= acc.id;
        opp.CloseDate= date.today();
        opp.StageName= 'Closed Won';
        opp2.name= 'Testopp2';
        Opp2.Accountid= acc.id;
        opp2.CloseDate= date.today();
        opp2.StageName= 'Closed Won';
        insert opp; insert opp2;
OpportunityLineItem oppLine = new OpportunityLineItem( pricebookentryid=pbe.Id,TotalPrice=2000, Quantity = 2,Opportunityid = opp.Id);
insert oppLine;       
        Quote q= new Quote ();
        	 q.Name= 'Testq';
        	q.OpportunityId= Opp.id;
         	q.quotetoinvoice__C= True;
         	q.REP__C= 'AC' ;
        	q.BillingStreet= '123';
        	q.BillingCity= 'City';
        	q.BillingPostalCode= '12345';
             q.Pricebook2Id= Test.getStandardPricebookId();
         List<id> oppids= new List<id> ();
        oppids.add(opp.Id); oppids.add(opp2.id);

I dont understand, Im using this in my test class (above) it was working fine yesterday and today, its giving me this error: 
line 9: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: Test.getStandardPricebookId()
Please advice. I'm using the same code in my other test class and it is not prompting any errors.....
Best Answer chosen by Sammy7
Nvm, found another test class ... :/