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Vikas Rawat 6Vikas Rawat 6 

Split and merge PST file technique

PST file is very important file format of MS Outlook as it contains the data like-  email, message, contacts and calendar etc. and it’s difficult to manage the PST file and sometime it become corrupt or damage due to many reasons, so to avoid this we need to use split and merge technique of PST file. In the Split technique user can easily break the large size PST file into many small parts where as in the Merge technique user can combine multiple PST files into one file without damaging the original file.

To know more details visit the link: Split and merge PST file technique
john beltranjohn beltran
Large size PST really creates problems to Outlook users during accessing it. Outlook users required to reduce large size PST file as soon as possible to avoid corruption due to over size. I would like you to suggest most imperative tool named Split PST Tool that help users to split any size of PST file into multiple smaller parts.You can split large PST into multiple smaller parts by Date, Year, Folder and Size etc.

Download now: http://www.recoverydeletedfiles.com/split-pst-tool.html
adam brahamadam braham
Using this software will be very helpful for users and it will split large pst file into small one without any issue. It can select large PST file from its location and splits them into multiple small PST files. This feature is useful for PST splitter utility that helps to avoid PST corruption and over-size.

For more info: http://www.pcrecoverytools.com/split-pst-file-tool.html
Susana CastilloSusana Castillo
Before you can try any paid solutions for merging PST files into a single file and splitting PST file into mulitple parts, you should try few easy manual tricks which require no 3rd party software or any other cost. The manual tricks only require Microsoft Outlook client, that's it. MS Outlook client has few built-in features and functions which can help you transfer mailbox data from one PST file to another. I can share these blog posts here in which you can find the complete information: 

Merge PST Files into Single File – Excellent Manual Trick | N. Sem's Blog

Easy Way to Split PST File into Multiple Smaller Parts | N. Sem's Blog

If the manual tricks fail or don't work, then you can try professional solutions. Download free demo version of PST Merge software and PST Split software to merge multiple PST files into a single file and to split PST file into multiple smaller files respectively. 

​Thanks and best regards.
russell whitesrussell whites
I've had the same problem with oversized PST some time ago, so I found best Split PST Tool – Split Large PST Files (http://www.mannatsoftware.com/stellar-phoenix-split-pst.html) into Small Ones divides PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder and email id, and protects them from any corruption issues because of file size limits.Performs risk-free operation of PST file splitting without making any change on the content or structure of original PST file and the original formatting or RTF and HTML messages.Available in Corporate License and Home User’s License- http://www.mannatsoftware.com/stellar-phoenix-split-pst.html
laura stevenslaura stevens
Here you can get another result-oriented and cost-effective PST Merge software to merge multiple PST files (http://www.pstmerge.filefixutility.com/) into a single PST file. It has a capability to repair all sorts of corruption issues in an accurate manner. This tool Merges PST files in few couple of seconds. Users can easily run easily  this tool on latest and older versions of Windows and MS Outlook without any incompatibility issues. 
James AlisonJames Alison
Last month, I did successful merge operation for PST files of 23 employees. For this, I took the assistance of ‘Stellar Merge PST’.
If you are looking for a powerful software to merge multiple PST files then try free demo of this one software. You can download free demo from: https://www.stellarinfo.com/merge-outlook-pst-files.php
Sandeep Kumar 2065Sandeep Kumar 2065
You can also use manual method to combine or merge PST files in one outlook file. Check complete process with screenshots (http://www.filerepairtools.com/tips/merge-multiple-pst-files-in-one-outlook-file/) for better understanding. Main steps to merge PST outlook files are:
  • Create a new outlook data file.
  • From file menu click on Import
  • Import the data file to Outlook
  • Move the folders and subfolders to new data file
Multiple PST files will be exported to a new pst file
Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried
The best technique to reduce PST file size and to manage outlook performance best Split PST Software (http://www.pst-splitter.com/) is best used by Outlook users to split oversized PST files into smaller parts. The software easily reduces PST size by dividing then into smaller chunks. The software divides large and heavy PST files into multiple smaller parts. The software has the capability to break entire Outlook database like journals, notes, task, contacts, calendars etc. Split PST software creates NEW PST for each split item and you can save those split PST at your desired location.
Sandeep Kumar 2065Sandeep Kumar 2065
If the data in PST size exceed its limit, then it may get corrupt and effect normal functioning of Outlook. PST files can be split manually with Import/Export feature but it may risk data loss. To avoid this problem PST Splitter is the best option. Automatic Splitting of PST File, options to save PST file at desired location and compatibility with Outlook versions are major features of PST Splitter tool. You can download it from http://www.filerepairtools.com/split-pst-file.html
Phill callsPhill calls
Download Outlook Split PST Tool to break large sized Outlook PST emails, messages, contacts, calendars, appointments and other data items created by MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 etc. Split PST Software allows user break any large sized Outlook PST files in small PST files Size, Folder, Date, or Sender's Email ID. Software can be used in all Windows based operating system and can split all version Outlook PST files. To view more detail visit: Split PST Tool (http://recoveryandmanagement.com/2014/08/04/best-way-to-split-large-outlook-pst-file/)
john cena 11john cena 11
Use GainTools PST Merge tool to merge multiple PST files into single PST file format. This software is cost effective solution that combines Contacts, Emails, Calendar, Journal and other mail items from multiple PST files into a single PST file without any changes in the original formating.
lancelot Smithlancelot Smith
Using this software will be very helpful for users and it will split large pst file into small one without any issue. It can select large PST file from its location and splits them into multiple small PST files. This feature is useful for PST splitter utility that helps to avoid PST corruption and over-size.
Download this PST Merge Tool from here : http://www.datavare.com/software/outlook-pst-merge-expert.html
Derrick ScottDerrick Scott
Merging is the best technique to combine multiple numbers of PST files into single PST file. Merging of PST file can be done by using this Free PST Merge Software, that is simple and reliable utility. The software support Unicode PST and ANSI PST files and also removes the duplicity of mailbox items.
Get more info at:- https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Free-PST-Merge-Software-to-c1cb6afc
frank norrisfrank norris
The manual tricks to merge PST files (http://www.recover.mozesoft.com/email-utilities/merge-outlook-pst/) are a very complicated task. So you may go for some easy technique like third party https://softcart.wordpress.com/merge-outlook-pst/ tool. You just have to pay few bucks and in return, you will get 100% result and that too in the few seconds.
Justin HansenJustin Hansen
Dear Author, 
There is the manual solution to split and Merge PST file is available.  You have to follow two methods to split and merge PST file
Read This Article to Break PST file:https://technodiary365.wordpress.com/2017/12/27/how-to-split-pst-file-outlook-2016-2013-2010-2007-manually/
Read This Article to Merge PST file: https://technodiary365.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/merge-outlook-pst-files-into-single-pst-file/

alex foranalex foran
If you want to fix your bad PST file and change it in less time then use this third party tool and change your file safely.
Use KdeTools PST converterr
Get more information:

Trenton ParkerTrenton Parker
I would like to suggest you best Splitter and merge for Outlook PST file that allows to break PST file of any size into smaller files. Enable users to split files according to Date, year, size or folder. It is able to split UNICODE and ANSI PST files without any data loss. It also maintain data integrity of PST file. You can download link - https://www.softaken.com/split-pst-pro
Kurt Johnson 14Kurt Johnson 14
First of all, you need to decide that you need to split large PST file into multiple small PST files or need to merge multiple PST files into single PST file.

If you need to Split Lerga size of PST file into multiple small PST files then you can use PST Splitter tool.


If you need to Merge Multiple PST files into single PST file the You can use PST Merge tool.

Both tools have a free trial version and a good technical support team.
shripriya choubeyshripriya choubey
You can also perform the merging of the PST files using manual methods. I am sharing the blog (http://www.howtomergepstfiles.com/blog/35-2/) which contains the detailed procedure of manual method.
Pankaj DohrePankaj Dohre
Try the MailsDaddy PST Split Tool to break the large single or multiple PSTs into small PSTs. This is the best application for segmenting the merged PST file into multiple PSTs. With this software, you can also Split the PST by the Size, Folder, Email ID, and Date range filter.
Get more details by visiting: https://www.mailsdaddy.com/pst-split-tool/   
alex william 8alex william 8
Split PST File software is excellent utility which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder and email id, and protects them from any corruption issues because of file size limits.It is fully capable of splitting all MS outlook item such as folders, contacts, calendars, journals, email folders. The software makes you sure that no actual data deleted during the process.This software help the users to work with many versions of MS Outlook as well as it is compatible with different versions of Windows.
visit here to follow this link :- http://www.toolscrunch.com/mac-split-pst.html
Clark smithClark smith
If you are Outlook tools for split large PST file then you can try Split PST tool to easily split oversize PST file into mulitple small pst files.

Visit at ; https://sites.google.com/view/split-pst-tool-split-outlook-p/home
Vishal Singh 85Vishal Singh 85
If you are facing problem in Outlook performance due to the large size of PST file and you are unable to find a fast and convenient way to split PST file. Don't worry you can split large amount PST file easily without any complex method.  You just need to check any proficient third-party tool such as Shoviv PST Split Tool.
Read More: https://www.shoviv.com/pst-splitter.html
Erica Wilson 22Erica Wilson 22
If you are unable to find a fast and convenient way to split the PST file, do not worry, I will provide you a complete solution here that will help you get rid of your problem. You can split the PST file with the help of two methods. The first is a manual method which is very complex and is not easy to use for everyone, and the next method is any third party proficient tool that provides you a complete solution to split PST file. When I had faced this problem, then I used a PST splitter tool from KDETools. It offers four ways to split PST file by Size, Year, Date, and Folder.

Download For Free: http://www.pst-splitter.com/
Jason blotonJason bloton
You can try ToolsGround Split Outlook PST Software to break your Oversized PST file into small size PST. This tool provides options to split PST file by specific size, folder, & year.
More Info;- https://www.toolsground.com/split-outlook-pst/
Mark joeMark joe
If you are looking for a solution that easily Split and merge your Outlook PST files then, you also go with Shoviv PST management suite which provides lots of PST managenent features such as Split PST, Merge PST, Outlook Duplicate remover, PST Password Recovery, Compress and compact PST, etc. Shoviv provide all these features in a single standalone application so it is better to get a single application rather then buy multiple tools for managing PST files.

For more info visit here: PST Management Suite (https://www.shoviv.com/pst-management-suite.html)
Amyara HoltonAmyara Holton
If you want to split and merge PST files, then I would like to suggest using the FreeViewer Outlook PST Merge tool. This application allows you to merge multiple PST files and split oversized PST files into smaller parts in one place. It works with both ANSI and UNICODE PST files for merging and splitting process. This tool supports the PST file of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and all previous versions.

For more details, visit: https://www.freeviewer.org/pst/merge.html

You can also read this blog to know how to split and merge PST files:- 
Patrick JoePatrick Joe
The Best Solution that merges the various PST files is KDETools PST Merge. It merges the PST files in various items such as calendars, contacts, emails, notes and all. It merges the unlimited PST files and also easily removes the duplicates items. It supports all the Windows Version and Outlook Version.

More Details: http://www.merge-pst.com/
jack romyjack romy
If you have multiple PST files and you want to merge them in one PST file, try Mailsclick Merge Outlook PST tool to easily merge multiple pst file with a simple mouse click. It supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST file and merges multiple PST files in one PST file without any data loss.
More Info:- https://www.mailsclick.com/merge-pst-file/
jackcrist cristjackcrist crist
User-added image

You can try this Regain Outlook PST Merger tool that can easily Merge two and more PST files in a single PST file. this Software easily supports all the versions of MS Outlook.

you can try this Software free trial version from here: https://www.regainsoftware.com/merge-pst.html

sid shansid shan
Split and merge are two different techniques, the PST split tool helps in reducing PST file size by breaking them into small size PST files. With a PST split tool a user can also split the file items like Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Journals, etc. The PST merge tool merges multiple PST files including emails, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, etc into a single file. A PST merge tool maintains the integrity of the original PST files.
To know more visit: How to split PST files (https://bit.ly/2xLlope).
                                How to merge PST files (https://bit.ly/3e2Mkslo).
To combine multiple PST files into a PST file, visit here:- https://www.mailsdaddy.com/pst-merge-and-join/

For splitting your  PST file into small PST files, visit here :- https://www.mailsdaddy.com/pst-split-tool/
peter Bay 4peter Bay 4
I would suggest only one tool which performs various task such as splitting, merging, compacting, password recovery, undelete, duplicate mail recovery and many more. PST file needs to be managed in time so that it cannot get corrupted/damaged and for that, it requires lots of practice like timely splitting large PST file or merging the required PST, recover a password when forgot, or delete the duplicate email and most important repair when it's get corrupted in any of these processes. 

So, just keeping STELLAR TOOLKIT FOR OUTLOOK (https://www.stellarinfo.com/email-tools/outlook-toolkit.php) you will get free from all of this problem, and no technical knowledge required for any process, just a few clicks on the easy interface, and you will get everything back. 

Also, if you want the individual tool for a split: https://www.stellarinfo.com/split-pst-file.php
And for Merge: 
Amrita YadavAmrita Yadav
I would suggest you to use the most reliable solution Sysinfo PST split tool (https://www.sysinfotools.com/recovery/pst-split.php) to split the large-sized PST files into smaller parts without any data lapse. And you can use the PST Merger tool (https://www.sysinfotools.com/recovery/pst-merge.php) to merge or combine the Outlook Contacts, Emails, Calendars, Journal, and other mail items into a single file format. Download the free demo version of this utility toevaluate its working.