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Marsha SappletonMarsha Sappleton 

Populating the Task Subject field attached to a workflow with the Opportunity name

I have created a workflow so that specific users can have tasks created and emailed to them every time they create an opportunity with specific criteria. I have added the field criteria into the task creation and all is working fine, but I also want the subject field of each task to populate with the opportunity name that created it.
How do I do this?

You can do  this by Trigger on Task object. By Workflow Actions (Task ) you can't do this.

Ashlekh Gera

Not possible through workflow but who needs a workflow if you have process builder. Try creating a process builder, it's simple as a workflow but lots of add ons.
Link for your reference: https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=process_create.htm&language=en_US