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My Recruiting Experience in Exchange to Help Me Become a Salesforce.com Admin

I am a Dallas, TX based recruiter with 16 yrs of IT recruiting experience. I am currently putting in the time to train on the Salesforce.com platform to become a Salesforce.com Admin. I would like to find a Salesforce.com partner that can use my recruiting experience now and willing to put me on projects once I show competency to be on a project. 

Benefits for Partner
  • Save money on hires if using agencies to find Salesforce.com talent
  • Use me for both Recruiter and Saleforce.com Admin 

Please send me an email if you are interested. I will reply with my resume. yetijoe@gmail.com

Thanks for reading.
Brian CroninBrian Cronin
Hi Joe,

What is your experience with Apex, Classes, Trigger, and Email templates?