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Sridhar RamamoorthySridhar Ramamoorthy 

How to revert the older page layout from the new one in production

Hey All,

Is there any chance to undo or revert back the old layout from the new one in the production? Unfortunately, I have overridden the old page layout with the new one. I didn't took any backups for the layout from the production. Any help please!

Thank you all in advance!
Karthik PKarthik P
Hi Sridhar,

Unfortunately, you can't do that as the page layout changes aren't tracked. In case, do you have any Force.com IDE or MavensMate projects with layouts metadata ?

By any chance, did you refresh any sandbox before this change ( not really needed just before this change, but hopefully few days before ) ? 

That way you can refer to the sandbox and check out the possible options. 

Also, you can check if there are any recent inbound change sets which included that page layout as a component.

The last option would be to call Salesforce and check if they can provide any backups for that layout.