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Abdul Khatri 7Abdul Khatri 7 

Hide Save & New Button from Task Page Layout?

Is there a way to hide "Save & New" Button from the Task page Layout?

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I looked at everywhere and couldn't find the solution. I do want to give them Create/Edit Permission so no option there to remove that.

Please help
Abdul Khatri 7Abdul Khatri 7
Thanks karthikeyan for the response.

As I mentioned in my question that I do want enable that "Edit Tasks" option with only "Save" button on the Task and not the "Save and New Task" button.

I already disabled the option of "Edit Event" which removed the other "Save and New Event" which is awesome but I need to do the same for "Save and New Task" button without disabling that option "Edit Tasks" you are referring.
Abdul Khatri 7Abdul Khatri 7
Man again thanks sorry I should have posted my issue in detail of what I have already thought. I really don't want to go that route from the maintenance perspective which is also not recommended by Salesforce. 

Do you think any other option keeping the standard approach?

Thanks again.
Jessica TroianelloJessica Troianello
I am looking to do the same. We are creating and assigning tasks to users, but do not want them to create thier own tasks. We have been able to limit this from all other areas except this one. Did you ever find a way to remove "save and New"