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Populating a field on an object based on some condition on another object

 I have a situation here. I have an object A with differnt fields like user(lookup to  user), location__c(lookup to another object B) and date__c. It also has a field called , lets say value__c field which has to be automatically populated. all the other fields wil be loaded.
  I have another object Audit which is a series of some questions which needs to completed by  user and its value is stored in a field called 'submitted_by__c'., date__c  and a field called location__c(which is a lookup to the object B as above). Now what i want to is whenver any user creates a record in audit object by populating  submitted_by__c and location__c fields , it automatically should add 1 (always keeps adding) to the value__c of object A records but only to those records which are matched up by the fields user__c, date__c and location__c on the object A.
      I was thinking of a trigger. But I am not sure. Please given me any ideas.

Thank you
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Hello @:prati,

                Since this is my first post, the least i would expect is your feedback,

                      About the above senario,

                                                                 it is possible if u create the roll-up summary field in the master object with count from the child record,adding filter criteria as required.Thus master-detail relation should exsit between object A and Audit

hope that answers @:Prati
Hi Thank you for your reply...
But I think master detail wont work here because in the object A, the user field might have differnt values, it is not fixed and i will need to compare with differnt Submitted_by__c in the Audit object.
   Also the business would not want a master detail relation, they are not related.

Thank you
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if there isn't any relation between two objects, its better to accomplish it using trigger rather than workflow's and any other process. Thank you,hope this helps