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Roshni RahulRoshni Rahul 

Branding Salesforce1 mobile app


How can we brand the salesforce1 mobile app with our companys logo,icon and all instead of salesforce1 icon logo. This is the feature that came in dreamforce 16. We have tried salesforce1 branding from setup. But it includes only brand color,page color and page logo. Can somebody post the new features that came in dreamforce 16.

Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
 Hi Roshni,

Go to >>Quick Find>> Type Salesforce1 Branding.

Change your settings as per your wish
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Roshni RahulRoshni Rahul
As I have mentioned above, I have already tried that.
In the this keynote address video https://www.salesforce.com/video/282548/ . of DF16, (at 20:25 ) they are mentioning about customizing the salesforce1 icon to some dreamhouse icon. I want to know how it can be achieved.