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David Bui-Ford 10David Bui-Ford 10 

Trailhead - Change Name and Email Address

Hello ... Techforce directed me here to get help for this issue. My name and email address are incorrect in trailhead. How can I change them?

Correct: David Bui-Ford, david.buiford@salesforce.com
Incorrect (as shown in trailhead): David Bui, david.bui@salesforce.com


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James LoghryJames Loghry
Hi David,

The Trailhead account is tied to the same account that you can access through the developer boards.  Try logging into http://boards.developerforce.com using the same credentials you log in to Trailhead with.  Once logged in click "Edit Settings" under your name and change your e-mail address.  

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That *should* reflect on your Trailhead account too.

Nagendra Singh 17Nagendra Singh 17
I am facing same issue and I tried above solution but not yet fixed.