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Natraj Subramani 15Natraj Subramani 15 

Community Set Up (Napili Template) - Customer Community

Hi All 

Created a new community using Napili template. I used the community builder and got the home page and other sections set up. (using navigation menu).I am however hitting with some limitations.

My home page should have a form with few fields and a submit button (to create a record in custom object). How do I achieve it ? With current options, I can only place a "Create Record" button on home page & that opens another page.Is there a way get all in one screen ?

Also I would like to assign a new record type for all records created in the community 

Once user submits the record, I need to have a thank you page with a link back to home page. Is this possible?

Since I am fairly new to communities I am not quite getting the abilities of  Community Builder. Does any one have some links of examples and study guide for Napili template. Please do suggest