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Missing scopes for connected app

Hi all,
I have the following scopes enabled for a connected app: api, id, refresh_token, web
However, when I go to authenticate with this app via OAuth, it says:

App is is asking to:
Access your basic information
Access and manage your data

Additionally, when I get the JSON verification request, I see this:
'scope': u'id api'

I've been toying around with the scopes for a while, trying to get any other scopes to show up. It seems like these are the only scopes that I can enable, and if I *don't* enable them, I get an OAUTH_APPROVAL_ERROR_GENERIC error with the following in the url: error=invalid_scope&error_description=the+requested+scope+is+not+allowed

What gives? I'm trying to get a refresh_token out of this, and it seems like there is something beyond my connected app setting that is preventing me from enabling any permission other than 'id' and 'api'.

Vivek DVivek D
I guess you want to get refresh token. For that please follow the below steps
1. Create connected app with these scopes
Access and manage your data (api)
Full access (full)
Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)

2. Create a url with
3. Copy paste the url into browser and hit enter. In response you will get refresh token