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Tara Van HornTara Van Horn 

Web-To-Lead Form Setup for beginners

Hi there,

Apologies in advance for such a simple question - we are brand new to SF and just set-up web-to-lead. Now that the code is working on our website it uncovered a few questions:

1. How do we edit the form to add a new field in?
2. How do we change the email address that sends the confirmation email?
3. How do we know what leads are coming in from the web-to-lead form? Do we create a campaign for this?

Thank you,

SF Newbie 

Vivek DVivek D
1. For adding new field you need to generate new form or if you can we need to just add new input box or select box with Id and Name containing field Id (Field id you can get when you open a particular field in SF in url like other records you will see field Id. It will be something like 00N for standard field the id will be the API name of the field for example Fax id will be Fax you can see from your already generated form)
2. Create Auto reponse rule from lead settings to send email you can select there what email Id the email should go.
3. Make the Source field hidden in the form and give default value to "Web" that will help you identify the Leads