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How to show records from Parent object in Related list of child object in Look-up relationship?

In lookup relationship, say, Contact has lookup relationship with Account object. Therefore, when a Contact record is created, there is a lookup field to add Account by click. Every Contact record associated with Account record will be displayed in Related list of Account object. I want the opposite situation. When the contact is created, the associated Account record need to be displayed in contact.
So far, I am doing it by creating another lookup relationship from Account to Contact. But, there should be more straightforward way to do this! Creating Contact Record
Related List in Account Record
Related List of Contact in Account Record 
I need a Related List of Account in Contact Records.
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Harish RamachandruniHarish Ramachandruni

  Related list of  contact in the séance contact is parent related objects is child . And fist thing any related list is having multiple records . but one contact will have only one account it won't be multiple . if you want to display detail's in contact page layout you can write vf page and add in contact page layout . Any issue ask me . 

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