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Partner Community license assignment

I have following scenario and want to set up partner community license.

1. Have profile Customer service rep.
2. He has access to only Order object.

i know we need to set Account as partner and then contacts need to be enabled as partner and then create user and assign the partner community profile.
But if i have no.of users and want to assign them Partner Community License  and Customer service repprofile, how i should proceed to implement this?

Could you please suggest?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi App Development,

The quickest way to do this is going to be with a .csv import to create the users and relate these to the appropriate contact. You can start by exporting the contact records you'd like to make into community users.

If you need to fully automate this process, you'll need to create an Apex Trigger to handle the creation.

For more information check with these links.

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