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Ram ArzaRam Arza 

caused by: System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object Class.salesQuotes.CopyOperation: line 230, column 1

Can someone tell me why is this error message occuring and how can i solve it.
<apex:column style="vertical-align: text-top;" headerValue="Unit Price" rendered="{! AND(OR( $ObjectType.SFDC_520_QuoteLine__c.Fields.Unit_Price__c.createable, $ObjectType.SFDC_520_QuoteLine__c.Fields.Unit_Price__c.updateable), SFDC_520_Quote__c.recordtype.name!='Custom Quotation' ) }">
                        <apex:inputField required="true" value="{!item.quoteline.Unit_Price__c}" onchange="sayHello();" />

UC InnovationUC Innovation
The error is from Class.salesQuotes.CopyOperation, but this code looks like it's from a visual force page. Could you post the class code?
Ram ArzaRam Arza
if ( quote.Opportunity__r.Pricebook2Id == null ) {
        PageReference pick = new PageReference('/apex/pricebookRequired?id='+quote.id);
        return pick;

UC InnovationUC Innovation
Maybe the quote that you're referencing to is null. I would print out some debug statements to print out what the quote is.