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Jaynul DewaniJaynul Dewani 

Retake Trailhead Challenges

How to retake trailhead challenge? I did it few months ago and now I would like to review the topic and redo the challenges. It's not allowing me to retake or displaying answers since I already completed it.
Gordon EngelGordon Engel
I think you could create a new Developer org and login to Trailhead as a different user, since you probably don't care about credits or badges for things you already passed, right?
There's two types of challenges:
 - Multiple-choice
 - Programming assignment

You cannot redo the multiple-choice challenges if you have already passed them.
You can redo the Programming assignments you can redo, but you won't get points for them. At the challenge where it says '+500 Points' it says below that 'Retake Challenge'. Click that and it will show you the challenge again.

If you're only concerned about the programming challenges, you could simply retake the challenges (probably best with a new dev org, because you already passed them with your current org, unless you deleted the files etc)
If you want to do all of the challenges again I think you're better off creating a new trailhead account AND a new dev org.
Elizabeth SElizabeth S
There is an idea on this:  https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=0873A0000003TZaQAM
Please vote on this to help make it possible to retake the quizes.