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Eric BlaxtonEric Blaxton 

How do I update a related field using Process and Flow...My flow doesn't work...Flow is included here.

Thanks for your help in Advance.

We have the following Custom objects:

 1. VBS Sales Order
2.  Invoice
  • Lookup related Sales Order via Lookup field
Invoices are listed by Invoice # and line item number.
 For instance: 13478-1, 13478-2, and they are related to S0# 1
I import the Sales Orders and Invoices nightly.  I currently link the Invoice and Sales Orders together based on code I wrote for the batch file.

My boss wants to see the Invoice totals (Revenue, Margin) on the Opportunity.  In this instance, we would show the totals for all invoices based on the related Sales Oder #.  For example, 13478-1, 13478-2, etc

How can I get the Invoice totals onto the opportunity based on the Related Sales Order #.

​All suggestions are welcomed.  This is an inherited system.

I have 2 Custom objects (Invoice and VBS_Sales Order) related through Lookup field.  I want to be able to lookup all Invoices tied to a Sales Order. 
Process – I pass in the VBS id to a variable (VBSID).  The process starts
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