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viswanadham Aviswanadham A 

How to we can populate the based on select picklist value from one picklist to another picklist in visualforce page

Hi Experts,

i have two Picklist .Two pick list are TO and casereason.
whenever user a selected a vlaue with (Com Apg )from To Picklist then (PO Bokeed) with value dispaly in Casereason picklist .
How to we can achive in visualforce page.below i have attached my screen shatUser-added image

wouldn't it be possible by using the TO picklist as controlling picklist? or is that picklist not a field in your object
viswanadham Aviswanadham A
HI Moggy,
Thanks for your reply ..But here case reason is standard picklist and To is custom picklist in our object .
sandeep reddy 37sandeep reddy 37
first create two pick list field  and fix dependencc and coming to vf page use standerd controller 

<apex:page standerdcontroller="account">
<apex:pageblock title="dependency">
<apex:inputfield value="{!account.pick1}"/>
<apex:inputfield value="{!account.pick2}"/>
use this coad 
I Think you are imaging in this way 
I Hope Is This Help Full For U?