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Sourav PSourav P 

Master Detail relationship creation issue while deploying to production

Dear All, plz suggest,
I have created a new custom object in UAT called " Quotation". I need to make a Master-Detail relationship ( Quotation object as master) with another object as child called " Transaction". Now, as MD relationship i need to create in child object only, I need to create in " Transaction" object. I cant create it , as of now as records are present ( its showing error, as records present and disable the MD relationship option).
In UAT , i can delete all records ( around 2500) and till create a master detail, But what if when i deploy it to production ? as in Production we have many records present which we cant at all delete. Is that while it will show errors while deploying or it can take ?
I want a particular Master -details relnship becaause we want to see all the " Transaction" object current and past histories in the " Quotation" object. is there any other way for this visibility if we dont have the MD relationshop ? Thanks
Sergio AlcocerSergio Alcocer
You will have to deploy it as Lookup, then fill that field in all your records, and then convert it to Master-Detail
Sourav PSourav P
Hi Serglo, Thanks, But i have around 10,000 records in " Transaction" object in production. So , i have to update all those fields by a bulk upload to get master details. I think i need to use the data loader, or Can you suggest a better way ?